Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Getting back to fitness

Holidays are well and truly over, USA was brill, food was excellent. Sights - amazing, roller coasters - fantastic, Florida - HOT, NYC - better than I ever imagined.... 2 weeks of indulgence over. Taking jet lag and a little injury (don't know how it happened, certainly wasn't from training lol) into consideration, a month without training is a month too long.

Cardio fitness is gone for now, but ill get it back, better than before.

6 weeks ago approx I trained and graded for 3kyu in a sister club of ours in our association. I passed the grading but was plain to see my cardio fitness wasn't as was in previous gradings and Sensei let it be known, as he does, but technically everything is coming along great so that's something we're doing right. At least I know I can get the fitness up "relatively easily".

So, today is Wednesday, I'm back training 2weeks now and I'm feeling a little more mileage in the legs which is great. Running 2 miles before training each evening is going to pay off soon so I just have to suck it up and suffer through the early days.

Had a good kata class last night (love kata) and learned part of Jitte, so theres another kata to memorize, along with the other black belt katas I've been shown to date.

Sadly that injury still hasn't gone and I'm unable to kick or stretch the muscle, may be tendinitis so its frustrating at the minute, gladly though I'm able to do everything else inc running, so I have a run scheduled for tonight 3miles so i know its going to be tough but the reward is well worth the temporary discomfort.

My goal is pretty clear now, I've craved a brown belt for a long time but now after training with it for the 1st time I realise its not about what colour belt you wear in class. Its really how you approach karate and believe me you show/prove your grade (whether 7dan or 7kyu) on the dojo floor, there's nowhere to hide.
It maddens me to see some higher and lower grades than me (gladly not in my home club, where we have a strict standard and I feel very very lucky to be part of it) clearly not at the level they should be and making excuses as to why they're not. Firstly I blame there association, secondly I blame themselves, ultimately they are responsible for the standards they keep. It really is a slap in the face to people who bust their ass and aspire to be the best they can.

These people just coast along paying their money "buying" their belts and think they belong in a particular group, when in fact they don't. On the other side of things you have people claiming high dan grades and they look no higher than a 1kyu or average 1dan rank. No knowledge of their art, clearly no research done into the history and meaning of certain aspects and as far as teaching goes well if they don't know, they cant teach.

Anyway rant over ..... for the time being ... haha....

I'm trying to keep on top of the weight as well, I find as I'm getting older (and I'm only 28 now) the body does definitely slow down and I'm definitely not as fit and able as I was at 19/20 when I played football/soccer. But I know from my Muay Thai training that I can still get it to a pretty high level, but certainly some parts of me are feeling it more than previous years....KNEES!!!

So tonight I'm going for a run, trying to keep the diet as healthy as possible aswell, but not fanatically strict, no need for that. So I'll leave the first post at this, just a random rant and a little bit of background as I'm really setting my mind on a Shodan, that I really should have had years ago had I not gone off the rails, personally that's for another post/meeting haha.


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