Thursday, 21 July 2011

Good run last night, 3 1/4 mile. Feeling a little fitter slowly but surely.

Cancelled my planned run tonight before training, don't want to overdo it like I have done before, stubbornness is a failing of mine haha.

New kata tonight, Jitte, so another 1 to the list. Kata is definitely my favourite side to karate, I think it really is what its all about. Everything we do in our kihon basics, jiyu & kihon ippon kumite comes from our kata. Did some good sets tonight too, enjoyed the kumite in 3's it makes a change and adds a little bit of extra pressure. Did some kicking in the kumite & didn't feel anything major in the muscle so that's a plus at least. No kicking until Tuesday & hopefully I'll be able to work it a little harder.

A short-term goal towards Shodan is my 2kyu grading which will be this December all going to plan. After my baby arrives in November so I'm sure I wont be getting perfect nights sleep from November onwards haha.

A few things to think about from training tonight that I need to jot down and look at later, main thing from tonight is blocking. Must block softer, its not about brute strength but skill. Plus, as I think about it, to block softly and "accept" the attack, you use up ZERO energy - all the more for the counter-attack.
We need to over-ride our instinctive reaction to "bash" away an attack in order to have longevity in the art. After all, if we want to be practicing karate into our old age we're going to need something other than brute force in order to be able to perform techniques. Whether we like it or not our bodys age and slow down & we're lucky to be able to know this (no other species is aware of its inevitable death, sometimes I wonder is that a blessing or a curse, to know that we expire no matter what we do), so we need to learn how to overcome an attack without relying on physical strength. Also to be honest, it really fucking hurts bashing forearms all night - not good!! haha.

Having lots of ideas and urges to investigate a lot of bunkai applications lately, but i think Id rather focus on getting up to speed with more basic techniques at the moment and get them to a higher level. You've got to learn to walk before you run. In order to perfect a small/close range technique (we say small as in from a small or completely natural stance as opposed to a full zenkutsu dachi) you need to be able to perform and understand it "big" (kihon basics) first. So that's the idea, and that is where I'd like my karate to go, into that area, I just think its fantastic.

Must get into Bassai Dai again and really get the kata to a better standard. One of the most important katas in shotokan. I'm going to go have a rest now, running tomorrow.

I have my goal in mind and its entirely up to me whether I reach it. I think that's all the motivation I need for the moment.

To quote Sensei, "you only get out, what you put in".

To quote Gichin Funakoshi "spirit first, technique second" (precept number 5 I think?)

I'm outta here I may post something tomorrow haha.


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