Monday, 2 April 2012

Getting closer, but dealing with injuries.

A lot has happened since Iv posted last.  I've had a baby daughter, so that's 2 kids now.  Couldn't be happier. 

Training hard has obvious drawbacks.  Injuries.  I'm dealing with a few, I have had muscle tears in my quads, hamstrings, glut's - all in the time since I posted on here last. All coupled with long term knee problems.  Regular hot baths after my 5k runs are helping the joints.  I also realise that Kata does really help to strenghten the body.  What I have also realised is the importance of the "cool down".  I have realised it the hard way.  Hoping to post more regular from now on. 

My 1kyu grading is in less than 2 months time so all going well this is the year that I will be taking my shodan grading.

I have a run planned for tonight 7 more regular updates planned for this thing from now on.


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