Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Although you may really love what you do, whether you are a professional karate instructor/fighter or any type of fighter, regardless of style. Even any area of life could relate to this. Our priorities need to be established and never forgotten no matter how deeply involved we may get in our chosen career/hobby. Family first! Its something I've always lived by, but got a little reminder today when I had to cancel attending class due to matters at home. Its great to have an interest in something but if you don't look after your family when you're needed, what good are you? Don't leave it until its too late, they should be the most important thing to everybody, everything else secondary.
Another thing, I'm going to be very choosy with who I speak to about thoughts on martial arts and how to train in the future. Some people just aren't ready to be honest with themselves and are dangerously hibernating in a false sense of security about themselves and their abilities. I hope the hardest test they fail will be only a dojo grading and not an encounter on the street, because to be honest, they just won't cut it.
I feel really lucky, to be in a part of the country where traditional martial arts is almost non-existent and to have the standard of instruction I have is a fantastic thing.
I just wish some more people would open their eyes and strap on a pair and put themselves to the test. Its gutless.
Other than that I know where I'm heading at the moment in my karate and I've never been more excited. I think I'll just focus on my own thing and leave the people who want to live in a bubble, to it.
Apart from that busy couple of weeks at home, moving house pregnant fiance etc. haha. Although I didn't make it to the dojo tonight I still got in my 3mile run and those motherf*****g hills ;-) & some stance work and light stretches. I still can't kick unfortunately. ( I hope its not a major injury).
Until the next time.

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