Saturday, 27 August 2011

What you put in, you get out!

We're really getting down to business in the dojo now, 2 tough nights this week, shodan syllabus kihon & kumite.  I've also been running in my own time, another 3miles last night, and 1.6miles before training each day & skipping & Kata as my warm up.

We're not going to get anything out of karate without putting in the effort & the groundwork first.  Basics need to be drilled, not just blindly but with understanding as to what we're doing & why we're doing it.  We won't be able to ever advance if we don't pay the required attention to our basics & put the time and effort in!!

Look at all the top sensei' in the world.  If you look at most of them they all got 1Dan more or less within 3years of starting karate.  That will tell you the effort & training that they put in while they advanced up through the kyu grades. 
Unfortunately some associations are a little too "laid back", to put it mildly, about the standards they keep to.  It just seems to be a case of pay your membership, turn up for training, pay your grading fee, and collect your belt. 

Horrible isn't it? Wheres the learning? The effort?  The self-discovery?  The sense of achievement?  All gone & what we have is people just holding belts & throwing shapes and have no understanding of the discipline or essence of karate at all.  We have people who cannot even hold a basic stance for the best part of 20sec without standing up out of it.  Disgraceful really.

I'd like people to think about exactly what they want to get out of karate.  What are you prepared to do to get it?  If you end up teaching in a club in the future what kind of message will you be sending to young students about this great art if you, yourself are 1 of those people who can't hold a stance or have just bought your belts? 

Think about what you want. 


Put in the effort, you're letting your art down.  If you feel that your club don't instruct correctly, don't use it as an excuse for your poor standard - LEAVE, take responsibility for your karate & find a club that will train you and help you develop.

Remember, you only get out of something, what you put into it.

Put nothing in? You'll get nothing out!


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