Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Starting to Focus

Been running consistently now and the leg injury seems to have healed up.  (Mostly anyway).  First time kicking in class last night for a couple of months.  All roads now leading to December where I'll be grading for 2kyu.  Biggest grading so far, huge jump up in standard & requirements.  Which I think is very far ahead of a lot of associations I've been able to nosey in on ha ha.  I wont be publishing any grading syllabus from my association as its not my place, but lets just say its double the size of my previous gradings. 

Hard class last night of dan grade kihon basics and absolutely loved it.  My mawashi-geri's need major work, its something I've kinda got away with as mawashi is not asked in grading besides the kumite section up to purple belt.  Now I have had people compliment my kicks before I was injured so the month off may have made me slightly rusty but I know myself that especially my left side is not at all good.  Now hitting a target is different & a lot easier, Kihon basics require a close to perfect technique as we're hitting "thin air" & to do this at full speed & power is tough, while trying to hold your technique together.  That's the beauty of how we train, any cracks will appear massive under the slightest scrutiny.  At least the way things are done for us, we wont get away with half-doing things.  Which is best for us in the long-run.  We know if Sensei puts his name to a grade we have definitely reached that level so we can have every confidence in our grades, no matter where we train (provided we continue in the same honest vain).  I feel really lucky with the training I'm receiving and I know I've said it before but, this association is a real high standard. 

Maybe the end of September I will be starting up my gym programme leading up to my grading with 8/9 weeks of solid training, sprint sessions and extra work on Kata and basics at home, (on top of what I already do).  This way my physical fitness should be high, my last grading I let it slide & suffered for it.  Some cardio sessions, will include LSD (long, slow, distance running. 45mins approx.), sprint sessions, (20 mins approx).  Bag work (boxing, no technique, just endurance.  10 x 3mins, 30sec break), and some "kickboxing" type of rounds, again working endurance (10x3)..  kihon basics & Kata at full speed & power Every kata I know, TWICE (this will be at the end of my session after my running/bag work, when I'm exhausted) perfect simulation for my grading environment and even real life combat where adrenaline dump can leave you "exhausted" in seconds. 

You can start to see how everything is inter-woven & it all leads to preparing for real self-defence.  Everything you learn in karate counts, everything matters, from how you make the fist to hikite, breathing hip movement.. everything you learn as a beginner is more important than anything else.  If these aren't correct you cannot advance any further.  ITS A MUST!

I must admit writing these blogs help me think in more detail about my techniques & why we do certain things we do, even as I type I continuously get realisations & I end up going off in tangents. 

Trying to get myself focused now, its just what I need.  Having all the advanced "smaller" techniques is a product of having a strong basic foundation.  So lets work on that basic foundation, lets not get ahead of ourselves and enjoy this experience.  After all its the journey that matters, not the destination.

Last night I had 1.6mile run before training, no training tonight but I'll have a little stretch, work some stances and have a 3mile run ha ha.  No rest for the wicked.

As Geoff Thompson says, "A warrior seeks discomfort"

Speak soon



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